Saturday, January 16, 2010

What kind of food do squirrels like?

I want to catch one but I am not sure what food they like. I have heard of peanut butter but that is it.What kind of food do squirrels like?
I wouldnt suggest ';catching one';..finding a baby, just around the time the eyes open , that is the time to get them, I have had 3- very unique pets..mine liked nuts, apples, raw veggies..pretty much anything I ate..even spagetti..only in a small amount..the little chewey snacks for pet rabbits was one of his favs...What kind of food do squirrels like?
popcorn. or basically anything. last time i went to yosemite we fed some squirrels bread and popcorn. they were so cute, they came hecka close to you and stuff like they wanted you to feed them lol :]
nuts and sunflower seeds
nuts and seeds
nuts n seeds

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