Saturday, January 16, 2010

What is a squirrels favorite food?

NutsWhat is a squirrels favorite food?
in the wild the eat mostly nuts and seeds

but if you want to feed them corn log (compressed corn) is a good choose but its about like crack to them and they wont go awayWhat is a squirrels favorite food?
They love acorns, any kind of nuts, shelled or unshelled, bird food that contains nuts and sunflower seeds.
They love all kinds of nuts. But they make a mess with the shells. They eat corn but only the point of the corn and the rest they waist. But I still love to watch them eat.
wouldnt that be nuts?
Squirrel food that sells fast in our garden shop is a mixture of sunflower seed, peanuts and corn. I would say corn mostly.
black oil sunflower seeds -----

..........from a bird feeder

..................hanging from the tree

in my front yard

..............every morning at 7

they like it best when they get to jump to the feeder from the tree trunk and hang upsidedown as they eat.

..................happy squirrels getting fat.

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