Saturday, January 16, 2010

Do squirrels store up food for the winter?

I am in WI right now and there is a squirrel outside my home that is always searching the ground (for food, I guess) and I am wondering if they store up for the winter when it snows.....

Anyway, I have alot of trail mix that I haven't eaten and I threw some in the yard for him... do you think he'll eat it... should I put more food out?

The trail mix is mostly nuts, a little apricots and raisins in there, too.Do squirrels store up food for the winter?
They bury nuts and also store them in their nests. If you want to give them something they'll like, buy some nuts still in the shell. The shells will help to protect the food over the winter.

I like to go to the park with peanuts.....they're so used to people, they'll come right up %26amp; take the nut from your hand.

Enjoy watching them.Do squirrels store up food for the winter?
yes they do store food for the winter. mostly nuts
They hide food everywhere. Storing it up for the lean months. I noticed the squirrels around here hide acorns in cracks in the road. I see them going back and forth on the road where I live. I think that's how most of them end up getting squished. I try to look out for the little dudes.
yes !
give it to the Squirrels.
they start in September storing up food for the winter......peanuts, shelled or unshelled, sun flower seeds, bird seed, trail mix, and dried corn are all that i know that they will eat, i found at target a mix of dry food for squirrels and i put that out also.
in my back yard i throw them food and they barry it under dirt some hide it in their nest too!


Yes they do. They have been gathering acorns from my trees for weeks.

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