Monday, January 18, 2010

What are the foods eaten by squirrel?

Squirrels will eat just about anything that is not meat. They love all kids of seeds and nuts, breads, junk foods, LOL I live in Ann Arbor, U of M campus, and I saw one that was dragging around a whole piece of pizza!What are the foods eaten by squirrel?
Nuts they love ,But they are crazy crazy for an ear of corn that can be purchased at any grain store.

I even have a special squirrel feeder just for them ,it is a table with a spike on it for the corn to sit straight up.What are the foods eaten by squirrel?
Squirrels love monkey nuts, which they can open themselves. And they love unsalted cashew nuts.

I think they probably like most nuts but make sure they are not salted as the salt is not good for them.
foods eaten by a squirrel are nuts, berries and small bugs (not spiders)
umm i think nuts. well thats what they eat on tv lol
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