Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Do you put out scraps of food for the birds and squirrels?

Not scraps. I spend a little fortune on the birds and animals. Many hunt wild animals. The areas they live in are being taken over for developments. They are shoved aside and grossly mistreated by so many people.

I feed them. With ninty-nine percent of the people against them, at least they have a few friends.Do you put out scraps of food for the birds and squirrels?
I regularly put out bread for the squirrels, but stopped for about a month. A fat gray squirrel was chasing all the others away and fighting with them for a scrap of bread. I'll start throwing bread out once this fat, ferocious squirrel relocates!Do you put out scraps of food for the birds and squirrels?
Only if you want unwanted pests. And, the wrong type of scraps can harm or kill them. Make sure you inquire on the internet what type of food the specific animal/s eat.
Never I don't like pests

Do squirrels share there food?

yeah i've seen it happen. We have lots of trees where I live and there are 3 squirrels I see come and go. They eat food from the same tree together so, am guessing thats sharingDo squirrels share there food?
I have a 2 acre animal sanctuary and all the animals eat side by side without fighting. They know I put out plenty of food for everyone. So yes they do share if you place enough out that all can know there will be some for everyone. Last night the possums was eating along side of the raccoons. They were not fighting. It is amazing to watch them. I have had the skunks eat along side the possums and coons before. They all share.Do squirrels share there food?
Well ive seen my squirrels (envirament) and theres two but they NEVA seen to want to share!!! Its like there in a race and try to see who gets the most nuts from the birdhouse!?!!!!

One day i looked outside my window, and saw two squirrels chasing eachother in circles, can u imagine that!?!?!? (the ones i was just talking about)
No. They actually fight over it. Some store it in their pouches for safe keeping and hide it in their dens.

Their favorite of all is walnuts and unsalted peanuts.
maybe, i mean they have a family, and sometimes friends..... so maybe they do. maybe they dont. they do seem kinda selfish when it comes to there food though.
With their babies,yes. With other squirrels, i doubt it because their really stingy.
Not intentionally, yet they do forgwet where they hid it sometimes. The little critters like to bury Walnuts in my flower pots. I end up growing walnut trees.
Yeah they love bitting each otheres nuts :P
THESE NUTTS ARE MINE AND NO ONE ELSE CAN HAVE THEM...That's unless if I want them to have them... :P
Not that I've ever seen.
why do u think u would find that thing tasty which squirrels eat.
i dont no ask them . x
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  • What kind of food can i use to trap Ground squirrels?

    If you don't know what they are here is a link, i always called them gophers but i was wrong, and they tear up my yard i need to know what food so i can kill them. mwhahah鈥?/a>What kind of food can i use to trap Ground squirrels?
    i use peanuts, scratch grain and whole corn the should work.What kind of food can i use to trap Ground squirrels?
    This works on moles,

    juicy fruit gum

    chocolate exlax


    Google is your knowledgeable friend in this area!

    What are some 'household food items' that are good to feed birds, squirrels, wildlife, etc. ??

    I put out all kinds of fruits, like grapes, berries, even raisins %26amp; nuts. Birds will eat some fruits, nuts, cereals, breads, plain crackers.What are some 'household food items' that are good to feed birds, squirrels, wildlife, etc. ??
    bread crumbsWhat are some 'household food items' that are good to feed birds, squirrels, wildlife, etc. ??
    Any bread, cereal products etc. Outdated (but not disgusting) produce, our deer will eat left over spaghetti even!
    breakfast cereal. When the kids were little, they'd string Cheerios on yarn and hang it from the trees for the birds.
    We tried with carrot, nuts, cabbage, corn, wheat, rice ... for white pegions, rabbits, tortoise ... they like them very much ... some times they snatch from your hand for more food. Even tortoise comes out from the shell to drag the cabbage from our hands ...
    Bread,corn, and nuts. NOT RICE OR GRITS. HAHA!
    Birds like bread if you rip it up in small pieces.
    Unsalted seeds or nuts, bread, fresh vegies like carrots, romaine lettuce or apples. Never feed birds rice...they say it'll swell in their belly and possibly kill them. I'd probably just pick up a big bag of seeds from the store that are mixed esp. for wildlife. They are pretty cheap. They also sell whole corncobs for squirells that you hang on a tree. My mother used to have this thing that had four arms like an x attached to a wheel with corn attached to each end of the arms and it would spin when the squirell would jump on. It was crazy to watch them latched on a spinning for a bite of corn..but now that I think of it...that may be kinda mean I guess.
    Sunflower seeds
    Go to any large supermarket and check as to when they throw away there bread. Many such places do not have secure dumpsters and you can collect a ton of bread which is perfectly good. I do it for my birds out back and they are all fat, my squirrels love it also. Also: Squirrels love peanut butter a treat!
    Popcorn,orange peels,peanuts,potato and carrot peelings.There are alot of things you can put out for the wildlife.
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  • Monday, January 18, 2010

    How can I stop squirrels and birds from eating my cat's food?

    FEED YOUR CATS INSIDE,WHATEVER,OR GET A PELLET GUN....BAMHow can I stop squirrels and birds from eating my cat's food?
    Feed your cat indoors

    Squirrel food?

    This morning my building maintenance guy was here with his finite wisdom---he plugged up a hole a squirrel was getting in-without making sure the squirrel was out at the time--I had nothing to do with this-the tenant that shares the attic did---

    We have access doors to the attic-

    my plan is to lure teh squirrel out---and then through the front door-

    what kind of food should I useSquirrel food?
    I live down South and we are overun with Squirrels all over the South and East Texas too. A Squirrell will eat anything. It will nibble and eat bread and pecans and all kinds of nuts and it will eat anything and everything and they are destructive little animals. There have been rare cases of the animal being caught with rabies and because it was rabid it was killed. I think you should call Animal Control or Animal Rescue to have someone catch it for you. It can bite too.Squirrel food?
    Cracked corn.
    Peanut butter, perhaps best in a rented Hav-a-hart trap

    Where do squirrels go to hunt for their foods?

    its urgent!needed for project work,submission is dated tomorrow!plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz helpWhere do squirrels go to hunt for their foods?
    My Bird feeder!!!!!Where do squirrels go to hunt for their foods?
    In the parks.