Monday, January 18, 2010

What foods do chipmunks and squirrels like to eat?

every morning i have squirrels and chipmunks on my porch. i leave out bread and lettuce for them. even a little bottle of water ( the chipmunk likes the water). what foods do they like to eat?What foods do chipmunks and squirrels like to eat?
nuts and vegetables...hope this helped!What foods do chipmunks and squirrels like to eat?
They do like vegetables like they lettuce and carrots but they really like cow corn and sunflower seeds
Oh MY GOODNESS!!!! They are charming little pests! They love bird seed. I have to have a guard on my bird feeder, because I don't want them 'helping' themselves! They also would love peanut butter, maybe on some crackers. They actually have feeders you can get for the squirrel and/or chipmunk. I like the animal, don't get me wrong, I just don't want them eating my bird seed! They are fun to watch.
For an inexpensive treat you can leave out dry and slightly moistened dog food nuggets. They have a good balance of protein and vegetable matter and my baby squirrels like it. ( I am a licensed rehabilitator)
Put out some sunflower seeds,dry corn and stuff for like birds.If you go to Wal-mart they usually have bags of stuff to feed them.

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